Rab & Lesley's Second Big Trip

Days 50 to 53 - Hawaii

Day 50 - 19th January 2019

No I didn't get the date wrong - we left Auckland at 23:55 on the 19th
and crossed the dateline before landing in Honolulu at 09:35 on the 19th
So we get to do the 19th again - hopefully more enjoyably
Arrived too early to check in to our apartment on the top floor of this block

So spent some time in the park across the road spotting some new birds - Common Waxbill

Red Cap Cardinal

Zebra Doves

And a Ring Necked Parakeet

But the wait was worth it for the views from the Penthouse

Pearl Harbour in the distance to the west

And Diamond Head Crater behind us - might get up there if we feel fit enough

Maybe tomorrow...

Day 51 - 20th January 2019

Quiet day sunning with a visit to Waikiki Aquarium
Passing Diamond Head on the way

and spotting a few waxbills on the way back

If you want the Aquarium pics I've put them on a separate page
Waikiki Aquarium so as not to bore the non fish lovers

Day 52 - 21st January 2019

Martin Luther King (Jnr) Memorial Day - with a parade

After the parade we headed for lunch at the Royal Hawaian Hotel - the pink building

On the way - a Banyan tree with aerial roots that over time support the main body and allow it to expand over a great area

View of Diamond Head from our lunch table on the hotel's veranda

Took a trolley bus home

and got a lesson on how to get cool

Day 52 - Continued

A very warm sunset this evening

Day 53 - 22nd January

Honolulu Zoo
Spent the morning at Honolulu Zoo where one exhibit looked a little hungry
If you want to see the live ones click the logo
Honolulu Zoo
On my way home, I saw that Dorothy wouldn't be..

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