Rab & Lesley's Second Big Trip

Days 18 to 21 - The India Pacific Rail Journey

Day 18 - 19th December 2018

Train departs from Central Station at 3p.m. but we set off in the morning for the early check in
Five Dock Bay is still shrouded in mist

Our Carriage awaits...

along with 28 others...

The first major attraction en route is the Blue Mountains but..

They were shrouded in cloud just as they were last time we were here

and it got worse....

After a sumptious dinner the view improved

and finished with a golden sunset

Day 19 - 20th December 2018

Very early start for our first off-train excursion - at Broken Hill at 5:30 a.m.

About 5 miles out of town there is a sculpture park with tremendous views of the surrounding country

Some sculpture was quite amusing

Others needed a lot of imagination

The views however were spectacular

Back on the train our next stop would be at Adelaide - with some sights on the way

And a Wedge Tailed Eagle (very hurried snapshot with the wrong lens and settings)

More Roos

And lots of country

At Adelelaide we took our second off train experience with a coach trip to Handorf
Where we visited a cheese outlet

and had dinner in a German styled Brauhaus

Day 20- 21st December 2018

Today we will cross the Nullarbor plain - hundreds of miles of near desert scrub

Passed a few Flying Doctor airstrips

but mostly this...

Until we reached Cook, which used to be a thriving Township but now has a population of 4

5 if you count the Dingo

It's about halfway between Sydney & Perth

Then more of this...

Until we reached Rawlina where we had dinner by the trackside under the stars

And another colourful sunset

Day 21- 22nd December 2018

The final leg into Perth

To be met by the family.. (daughters phone camera)

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