Rab & Lesley's Second Big Trip

Days 22 to 26 - Perth

Day 22 - 23rd December 2018

Day with family

Day 23 - 24th December 2018

Took a trip into the city waterfront for lunch

And then onto the 'First Mint' in Australia

Set up in 1899 as a branch of the British Mint it did not pass to Australian control until 1970
It minted gold sovereigns for the 'Empire' for many years

In 2011 it minted this one Tonne coin with a face value of Aus$1 million

Yes it is real! 80cm across and 12cm thick currently valued at Aus$64 million
This is the smelting room where we saw a crucible of gold being poured into a mould

The perspex shield is to protect the viewers

After being turned out and cooled

We see a Christmas Star valued at about Aus$370,000

We are then told that this same ingot of gold has been repeatedly melted and remoulded 7 times daily, 7 days a week since 1993.
It does lose a little each time - absorbed by the crucible but the crucibles are themselves rendered down to recover the lost gold

Day 24 - Christmas Day 2018

Breakfast on the beach at Whitfords Beach - Merry Christmas All

Day 25 - 26th December 2018

Morning at Mindarie Marina

Crested Terns

Day 26 - 27th December 2018

We got the ferry out to Rottnest Island

Which is famous for it's Quokkas that are are as friendly as Dodos once were

So they probably won't be around long

The views are stunning

And there is lots of birdlife - Crested Terns


Pied Shags

Black Winged Stilts

and some kind of dipper - possibly a White Faced Chat

Back to Sydney tomorrow

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