Rab & Lesley's Second Big Trip

Days 33 to 38 - Sydney

Day 33 - 3rd January 2019

A day at the Sydney Maritime Museum exploring some of their ships in Darling Harbour

We started on a working replica of Captain Cook's ship the HMB Endeavour

The carving onboard is of a random seaman

This was Cook's Great Cabin

Next was an Oberon class submarine, HMAS Onslow

Torpedo tubes

Getting around wasn't easy

My daughter on the Periscope - I think she got her office in the sights

Engine room

Final stop was a destroyer, HMAS Vampire (first picture taken yesterday)

Bofors guns

The business end of the Front turret

The Ship's bell

Passing through the Museum building we saw this ghostly shark

Made up of plastic slices hung from a rotating boom - seen better below

Then headed home

Day 34 - 4th January 2019

A Ferry good day - first to Circular Quay

Then out past the Opera House

And away from the Harbour

To Manly, but we planned to spend the day at Shelly Beach which is the small bay right of centre of this picture

Shelly Beach - we took some shade in the trees on the right

The scavengers here are Bush Turkeys - adept at stealing crisp packets from beach bags

After we had enough sun we walked back to Manly Beach

On the way we spotted this fellow sunning himself

Then it was the ferry home - with another sight of the opera House

Day 35 - 5th January 2019

Another ferry but only one stop from Drummoyne to Cockatoo Island

The Island was a timbered sandstone knoll which was mostly cleared to make the facility
With the docks and heavy plant on the lower levels and other repair shops, staff and prison quarters on top of the knoll

Old beam benders

The whole place is now a UNESCO World Heritage site - but you can camp on the island and there are cottages to rent

One of the former dry docks

To get anywhere its up hill, and staircases ...

... or under the sandstone. There are two tunnels to ease movement of men and material around the site

There's a bit of wildlife too

Took the ferry back two stops to Chiswick and walked back to Drummoyne from there

Day 36 - 6th January 2019

We had intended to go to Coogee Beach and walk the coast to Bondi Beach but there was an enormous thunderstorm last night and today is cloudy and drizzly so decided to give it a miss and start packing for our next flight.
During the storm the electrics at the local cricket oval were disrupted and the floodlights came on and stayed on all night

Day 37 - 7th January 2019

Met our daughter in the city for dinner
This is the covered walkway along the front of the building she works in

We had dinner at 'Billy Kwong' - owned and run by Kylie Kwong of Masterchef fame - sadly she wasn't working tonight

Day 38 - 8th January 2019

Last day in Sydney. We passed the Australian War Memorial on the way to the station

Not unlike our underground

Our final farewell to Sydney (on this trip)

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