Rab & Lesley's Second Big Trip

Days 39 to 42 - New Zealand

Day 39 - 9th January 2019

We arrived in New Zealand late last night
After picking up a car this morning in Auckland we drove down to Raglan on the west coast
Just a few minutes from our B&B there is a good nature walk

Where I spotted a Kingfisher - bigger but less colourful than those in the UK

The tide was out leaving salt mudflats where there were some wading birds but too far off to get pictures

A feeding bee was much easier

Later in the day we headed down to town for dinner hoping to get a sunset shot of the estuary

This was supposed to be a welcome but I didn't like the look of his axe

Looked like we were too early for the sunset, so we went to dinner

... and missed it! Still it wasn't a colourful one, Maybe tomorrow

Day 40 - 10th January 2019

Can you guess where we went?

You are right - Hobbiton

Sunflower and guests

Bilbo & Frodo's home - Bag End

We couldn't get in!

- So we headed to the Green Dragon Inn across the water

... with it's welcoming fire

... and 'Friendly Dragon'

Just by the Inn is the Watermill

and across the water and up the hill is Bag End

'The road goes ever on' - Waihi Beach tomorrow...

Day 41 - 11th January 2019

We arrive in Waihi Beach to stay a few days with relatives
I don't need to tell you why this is one of our favourite beaches - just look!

Day 42 - 12th January 2019

A day on the beach with our Kiwi relatives

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