Rab & Lesley's Big Trip

Days 71 to 77 - Canberra to Port Fairy

Day 71 - 9th February 2016
Not a good day

The trip is not yet halfway (2 days time) and my Canon 70d has developed a fault and won't recognise any memory cards. I think one of the pins in the card slot is damaged but I can't get it fixed anywhere on a one day turnaround so it will have to wait till I get back home. So no more Canon 70d pictures on this trip

Leaving Canberra we drove back into NSW (which surrounds the ACT)
With my phone at Jugiong

With my wifes Canon Sure-shot 100 near Jugiong just before we rejoined the main road to Wagga Wagga

With my Panasonic at the Dog on the Tuckerbox cafe in Gundagai

Day 72 - 10th February 2016
Wagga Wagga

Still in NSW, a quiet day regathering our energies for tne next stage. After two weeks in a van Mrs D wanted a proper bed and shower for a few days so we are in a self catering cabin near the Murrumbidgee river on the outskirts of a city called Wagga Wagga
The good news is that Mrs D let me buy a new Canon 700d to stop me moaning about using her sure-shot or my Panasonic neither of which has a viewfinder (or take RAW)
Not much to test the new camera on though and a truck that parked by the river and sat running its engine put paid to bird watching
The Murrumbidgee River

A couple of Spur winged Plovers

A Superb Fairy Wren with his flighty mate in the background

Another of those good looking but very noisy Cockatoos

New camera is OK but I'm missing the 70d's extra focus points/areas and other little extras

Day 73 - 11th February 2016
We are now in Victoria

Halfway there only 72 more days before we are back home

We programmed the sat nav to avoid motorways and toll roads today because we are getting close to Melbourne and it is awash with them. One result of this was that our lunch stop found us in Glenrowan where Ned Kelly made his infamous last stand

Big Ned

Tonight we are camped yards from the River Goulburn near Eildon, Victoria

We have slightly different guests
a Green Rosella

And a Red Rosella

There are a few cockatoos around too but thankfully they are annoying campers on the other side of the site

Day 74 - 12th February 2016
Stony Point

Camped at Stony Point south of Melbourne at the very end of a commuter line so that we can get the train into the city tomorrow - no traffic, toll roads or parking issues. Station is 50 yards from where we have parked the van and the sea is about the same.
Before we left Eildon I took a walk along the river bank

And spotted a female Gang Gang Cockatoo (a bit smaller than the Black Cockatoos)

Then I spotted her mate with his bright red head

At Stony Point we have these instead of parrots

Patiently waiting for food

Still waiting (these are just 30 feet from the van)

Black Backed Gull flying in for a look

Latecomer to dinner

Dinner is being prepared - Stony point is a popular spot for weekend fishermen and these are the cleaning tables

Dinner is served...

Day 75 - 13th February 2016

Travel to the city was more difficult than we hoped. The dreaded spectre of 'Engineering works' raised its head and what should have been a two hour two train journey ended up as 3 and a half hours 3 trains and a replacement bus service with a driver who didn't know the route! Still we got there but didn't have as much time as we planned - because we had to come back the same way and had to catch the last connection.


Most of you will have gathered that I am a fish nut so I make no apology for what follows The SealLife aquarium in Melbourne with one of the biggest groupers I have seen

Thats him with the Shark below

Moon Jellyfish

This is a Seahorse that looks like Sea Weed. They are sometimes called Sea Dragons

They had Crocs too

And Penguins

And my favourite Clown Trigger

Day 76 - 14th February 2016
The Great Ocean Road

Sunrise at Stony Point

Means an early start for the fishermen

While we get on our way again - First stop Anglesea

Then along the Great Ocean Road

To our stop for tonight at Apollo Bay

And tonight's evening chorus from...

Day 77 - 15th February 2016
The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road continues
We leave Apollo Bay rising into the hills

The Lighthouse at Cape Otway

The 12 Apostles - similar to our own Old Harry Rocks on the south coast

Port Campbell

The Arch

Port Fairy near where we are camped tonight

Finally a Black Swan. Seen quite a few but always at a distance

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