Rab & Lesley's Big Trip

On December 1st 2015 my wife and I departed on a fairly long trip to celebrate our retirement
We visited family in New Zealand and Australia but on the way stopped off in Hong Kong
Our way home from Australia was by ship from Perth to Tilbury stopping off at a few places along the way
We arrived home on April 23rd 2016 (St Georges Day)

My self challenge was to post a picture each day - access to internet permitting
These pages are a record of our adventure

Click the pictures to view each section

Page 1 - Days 1 to 17
Hong Kong & NZ Northland
Big Trip
Page 2 - Days 17 to 32
NZ: North Island Centre & Bay of Plenty
Big Trip
Page 3 - Days 33 to 42
NZ: Waihi to Wanaka
Big Trip
Page 4 - Days 43 to 52
NZ: Wanaka to Christchurch
Big Trip
Page 5 - Days 53 to 62
Aus: Queensland
Big Trip
Page 6 - Days 63 to 70
Aus: Brisbane to Canberra
Big Trip
Page 7 - Days 71 to 77
Aus: Canberra to Port Fairy
Big Trip
Page 8 - Days 78 to 83
Aus: Robe to Alice Springs
Big Trip
Page 9 - Days 84 to 93
Aus: The Ghan & the Northern Territories
Big Trip
Page 10 - Days 94 to 98
Aus: Perth to Albany
Big Trip
Page 11 - Days 99 to 106
Aus: Albany to Perth
Big Trip
Page 12 - Days 107 to 121
Cruise: Fremantle to Durban
Big Trip
Page 13 - Days 122 to 127
Cruise: South Africa and Namibia
Big Trip
Page 14 - Days 128 to 145
Cruise: St Helena to Home
Big Trip

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