Rab & Lesley's Big Trip

Days 99 to 106 -Albany to Perth

Day 99 - 8th March 2016

Worst day of the trip - for trying to decide which pictures to post!
Booked a trip by boat around King George Sound and up the river Kalgan to a winery. We were promised close up nature and boy did they deliver. I could have posted dozen's of pictures but finally decided on just 12

First up was a Sea Eagle

And here he/she is with the catch

Next up was a cormorant type called a Snake bird

This is why they got the name...

There were hundreds of pelicans

But this one lost his supper to an Osprey

Not the sharpest of pictures but it shows the Osprey just before the 'grab'

My favourite shots

And here is the nest, known as a stack
It was a brilliant day and if you ever get to this part of the world get a cruise on the 'Kalgan Queen'

Day 100 - 9th March 2016
My Birthday

We left Albany this morning heading for Margaret River - not a lot along the way but lots of trees and then even more trees but some were quite tall and there is a tree top walk in The Valley of the Giants (Karri trees)

Mrs D was happy enough here

But it got higher...

And at 40 metres above the forest floor she was less happy

Back at ground level we met this little White Breasted Robin - just as friendly as our Robins

Lunch was at a cafe in Pemberton with some unusual garden furniture

and an odd visitor in the car park

Nowt else today. Mrs D is taking me out for a Birthday dinner - I am now officially an OAP!

Day 101 - 10th March 2016
Margaret River

Spending a few nights here so that we can explore the area (and sample some of the local wines)
Today's visits were a cave and a lighthouse

Lake Cave
Our guide is waiting below (white shirt just left of centre)
The cave entrance is a hundred steps further down the staircase going off to the bottom left

But it was well worth the effort

What you see is called a suspended table. It originally formed on the cave floor but then the cave flooded and the limestone below water was dissolved away over thousands of years. Water levels fell leaving the table.

They play with lights

After climbing back up 356 steps we visited Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse at the most south westerly point of Australia

and climbed another 178 steps to the top

View from the top - Antarctica straight ahead

Day 102 - 11th March 2016

Took a trip up to Busselton to see its iconic jetty which at 1.841km is the second longest in the world. Only Southend Pier is longer (2.16km). The Jetty is curved to the right as you view it from the shore end

Below is the shore taken from the far end of the Jetty

Pied Shag

There is an Underwater Observatory at the end of the Jetty

Back on shore, this is one of the iconic views often seen on postcards (but usually at dusk with more dramatic lighting)

Day 103 - 12th March 2016
Margaret River

Failed! No pictures taken today. Mrs D and I are about toured out and took a day off sitting on our room's patio reading and sipping cold drinks before heading out for a Thai dinner.
But I have a few in reserve - These are from Day 74 at Stony Point near Melbourne

Heading back to the Cousins in Perth Tomorrow

Day 104 - 13th March 2016
Return to Perth

Drove back to Perth today and stopped for a picnic lunch on Myalup Beach
Not really a beach for a paddle and not suitable for children - there are no shallows
Great for beach casting and a bit of body boarding

Day 105 - 14th March 2016

Spent today in Perth doing last minute shopping before we board ship for the final leg of our journey
Sculpture on the Waterfront

And again from the harbour footbridge against the Perth skyline

This is the Swan Bell Tower (Link: Wiki - Swan Bell Tower)

South Perth viewed from central Perth waterfront

Perth Cathedral (Anglican)

Perth Cathedral (Catholic)

On the way back we stopped off at Cottesloe Beach where there is an open air art exhibition - a few of the entries

These ribbons were vey striking as they vibrated in the sea breeze

Mrs D particularly liked this book shelter

Day 106 - 15th March 2016

Not likely to get out with the camera today - busy repacking everything we brought with us and all the extras we have accumulated - so here is one from last night. By the time we left the beach it was rush hour so we went off for an early dinner and finally got back to the cousin's place just in time for sunset

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