Rab & Lesley's Big Trip

Days 107 to 121 - Cruise Fremantle to Durban

Day 107 - 16th March 2016
The Astor

Our first view of the Astor in Fremantle shortly before we boarded

Not a great view so I borrowed this one from the Cruise company's website

The Pilot leaving us

First evenings genteel entertainment

Next port of call is Port Louis, Mauritius on March 25th

Days 108 to 112 at sea - not a lot to see..

...but sea!

Day 113 - 22nd March 2016
At Sea

I have been doing laps of the top deck trying to do 3 miles before breakfast each day
Today went up early hoping to capture the sunrise...

But no luck

Day 115 - 24th March 2016
At Sea

Tried for sunrise again

Day 116 - 25th March 2016

Moon on the water just before sunrise

And finally sunrise as we head into Mauritius

We docked in Port Louis and took a short tour
This is a view from Trou aux Cerfs, a dormant volcano

Then on the way to Grand Bassin (a sacred lake for the Hindu community) we passed this enormous statue

At the temple at Grand Bassin

At Black River Gorges viewpoint

The Chamarel Waterfall

Giant Tortoise

Supposed 7 coloured earths - but it had just rained

Another temple snapped from the speeding coach on the way back to port

This was a Bank.

Still a bit of flare on this cleaned up version but I will post the original in the 'Out of the Camera' thread
And Mauritius sunset in Port Louis

Day 117 - 26th March 2016
Reunion Island

Heading into Point de Galets

Views from the crater rim (8000 feet above sea level)

One of our dance crew

Day 118 - 27th March 2016
Its Easter Sunday

Day 119 - 28th March 2016
At Sea

Sunset between Madagascar and South Africa

Day 121 - 30th March 2016
Durban, South Africa

Ship rigged out for arrival in Durban

The yellow flag indicates that we had persons on board that needed medical attention
two ambulances were waiting on the wharf when we docked

Valley of 1000 hills at Phezulu

The Loo, croc and iguana at Phezulu

Zulu Cultural show at Phezulu
I found it difficult to take these because of the back lighting. The 'stage' was a cliff edge with the sun directly facing us. I placed myself as far left as I could (facing the 'band stand')

Sunset in Durban harbour

Leaving Durban

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