Rab & Lesley's Big Trip

Days 84 to 93 - The Ghan & the North of OZ

Day 84 - 22nd February 2016
Alice Springs

Not much today. Laze about the pool till check out, lunch then headed off to the station late afternoon to board the Ghan

Train moved off at 6pm and we watched the sunset as we had dinner

Day 85 - 23rd February 2016
The Ghan & Darwin

Our train ticket included an excursion to Katherine Gorge

In the Gorge our boat disturbed this fish eagle. These are full size crops - he was a long way off and going away from us

But he took his lunch with him...

Back on the train the most interesting thing we saw were Termite Hills - hundreds of them
This one was near to 2 metres tall

First view of Darwin (centre right)  as we crossed the Elizabeth River

View from our hotel room in Darwin

The waterfront at Dusk

Day 86 - 24rd February 2016

The Anglican Church Darwin

Hot and Humid so Mrs D thinks a walk in the Botanic Garden is a good idea!

Pity these won't grow in the pond at home..

There were 5 species of dragonfly on the ponds but this species was the only one that ever settled and then only ever for a few seconds. All the others hovered tantalisingly close but never long enough to get focus

And then we saw a gourd tree - a bit like a leathery coconut

Must admit the garden cafe and the hotel bar when we returned were lovely (air con and iced drinks)

Day 87 - 25th February 2016

Crocodile hunting on the Adelaide river near Darwin

We are told that in the 70's the crocodile was in danger of extinction because of over hunting and numbers were down to about 3000 animals. Hunting was banned and the crocodiles made a protected species.
There are now estimated to be 150,000 in the Northern Territories

It wasn't long before we spotted one (or more correctly it spotted us)

Came in for a closer look

And made a dash for...

... a free snack

He wasn't the only one looking for freebies

Day 88 - 26th February 2016

Very early flight to Perth then full day with Family
Just one picture to keep the series going

Day 89 - 27th February 2016

Another full day with family and unfortunately cameras take second place so the only pictures I got (that would possibly be of interest) were these of a Willie Wagtail on the lawn.

Day 90 - 28th February 2016

Flew up to Broome arriving early afternoon - very hot and humid. Not much to see near our apartment - only got as far as the pub - but tomorrow will get into town and will try to get Mrs D on a Camel ride - might have to dangle a pearl or two in front of her...
I think I know where this tree stores its water supply...

Day 91 - 29th February 2016

A much better day for the camera though not so for me - 35 degrees and 77% humidity is like living in a sauna Good thing there are lots of bars and cafes around with air con and cold drinks
But you don't expect to see this on the high street

We were however expecting to see these but alas we need to diet a little or pay double to get a camel each
Mrs D didn't want to anyway so I just took photos

This was created by the receding tide. It looks raised but it is an illusion

Setting sun on Camel Beach, Broome

Complete with camels....

And then the sunset

Day 92 - 1st March 2016

A lazy day by the pool.
We are in Broome in the wet season (not that you'd notice) and a lot of the tourist things (and many bars) have closed
Sadly both excursions we had been interested in were not running - one because their boat was in dry dock for repair
So a quiet day recharging the batteries by the pool until it was time to head for the beach and the camels and sunset

Waiting for the shot

Hope he has 4WD

At last here they come

And by they go ...

Day 93 - 2nd March 2016

Checked out of our apartment at 10am, flight not till 6.30pm so spent a good part of the day at the Mangrove Hotel nursing a few beers and watching this view. Its a hard life.

It was a very comfy birding spot - Great White Heron

Square Tailed Kite

An Osprey

Brahminy Kite

White Herons again

Time to head for the airport. Be dark by the time we take off for Perth

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