Rab & Lesley's Second Big Trip

Days 56 & 57 - Hawaii

Day 56 - 25th January 2019

A full day at the Polynesian Cultural Centre which celebrates aspects of the 6 main Polynesian island groups,
Fiji, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga, Aotearoa (New Zealand) and of course Hawaii

We had VIP tickets (on special offer) that provided a personal tour guide and assured us of front row seats at all the events throughout the day. Some of the events were indoors...

... but others were outside and it was a VERY wet day

The Canoe Pageant

as if we weren't wet enough!

The site comprises a large lagoon and waterways around which are set 6 villages representative of each of the Island nations

In the Samoan village we were shown how they use virtually every part of the coconut tree for just about everything

This lad had us in stitches with his comedic delivery of his 'Making Fire' demo

There was no shortage of Hip Action

During dinner we were treated to a small show..

... that ended too soon

The main event of the day was a stunning evening show featuring over 100 Polynesian natives, special effects, punctuated by Polynesian dance, music and blazing fireknives
With photagraphy strictly forbidden - It was a really good show...

Day 57 - 26th January 2019

We Finally made it to Diamond Head Crater, with the intent of hiking to the lookout we can see from our apartment
The trailway starts from the floor of the crater - accessed by road via a tunnel through the crater wall

even as we set of on our hike - a White Rumped Shama

stopped for a breather - already some way above the crater floor

and still higher...

Very busy pathway and very narrow for two way traffic

Still zig-zagging our way up the inside

Kirsty on a lookout high on the inside rim

99 steep steps followed by a tunnel and a 52 step circular stairwell ...

... to reach a Pill box observation station where we can see a lower external lookout point

After crawling out of the pill box we finally get to the summit 560 ft above the crater floor

And can see our penthouse apartment

We star heading down

Spotting a Red Cap Cardinal

and a mongoose on the way

Have to check these out as hire cars...

Back at the apartment we look back at Diamond Head (17mm lens)

And the summit is still busy (300mm lens)

If you want more info on Diamond Head have a look at the National Parks Brochure (pdf)

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