Rab & Lesley's Second Big Trip

Days 58 & 59 - Hawaii

Day 58 - 27th January 2019

Last full day in Hawaii so quiet morning at the beach in Hanauma Bay

The girls went for a swim and I kept watch over their bags and phones - with a little help from Rikki Tikki Tavi

This ia a Cattle egret introduced with Barn owls 50 years ago as a pest control measure
They are both now considered a threat to native species and measures are being taken to reduce their numbers

They are only 12 - 15" high, some show buff markings which can be extensive

- others are pure white like our Little egret

A Golden Pacific Plover known locally as a Kolea

There are feral chickens too

My daughter had her underwater housing for her camera - and went snorkeling
Click on the fish to see some of her pictures from today

Day 59 - 28th January 2019

No pictures. Spent the morning packing and mopping up a flooded floor when the waste disposal unit broke down
Spent the rest of the day travelling, arriving in Las Vegas just before midnight....

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