Rab & Lesley's Second Big Trip

Days 60 & 61 Las Vegas

Day 60 - 29th January 2019

Viva Las Vegas

The Bellagio, we will come back this evening for the Fountain display

The Flamingo

Part of Caesar's Palace - it is huge!

The Forum shopping mall, with curved escalators

The Fountain of the Gods

Where we had lunch. Weirdly in the artificial light it felt like evening

Back out after dark...

Caesar outside his Palace

The Flamingo

The Eifel Tower. May get further down tomorrow to see the Pyramids

The Bellagio just before the fountain show began

The only still I took. I videod the rest of the show - a 537Mb file

Fancy a drink?

Our Hotel opposite...

.. The Mirage that erupts 3 times nightly

Day 61 - 30th January 2019

Despite appearances we are still in Las Vegas

Best views we could get without taking a long dusty walk down the highway

Everywhere you go you have to run the gauntlet of the gaming machines
Heaven knows what happens if there is a fire - no exits are signposted

In 'Mandalay Bay' we went to the Shark Reef Aquarium
Not the best light

Horseshoe Crabs, ecologically very successful - they've been around for about 300 million years

Manta Ray - I could watch them all day

MGM lobby

Then off to 'Venice'

and the Rialto Bridge

The sign says ...

But it's Goodbye for now - Off to the Grand Canyon in the morning

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